affiliate productivity tips discipline your way to freedom

Discipline and freedom may sound like two contrary words. People perceive freedom as being independent, free from the routine or necessity to do anything. That’s why they take the wrong approach to start and grow their affiliate business. This article tells you how to do it the right way.
It was just less than a decade ago that I was in the same shoes. I thought freedom was being able to wake up anytime I want, even at noon. Spend time on the beach. Everything but work. The last thing I wanted is to discipline myself to do the exact same thing every day.
The truth is quite the contrary. From the beginning when you build your affiliate business, you need to be disciplined. One hour per day, used to work on the right thing, is going to get you results. Twenty hours per day reacting to things that appear urgent on that day is tiring, not to mention that you probably not have much done.
Once I figured that out, I only work a few hours a day on my affiliate business to drive new leads, interact with them, and send them to a partner site for sales. Since I focus on the right thing, work has also become more fun.
Yes, there are still surprises, but most of the day, I can finish what I do on time. And everything is predictable. Knowing that my business runs smoothly, knowing everything is taken care of properly, those really feel good.
That’s the kind of freedom that many people want. Most of the time they don’t try to avoid work. But they dread of unproductive time. They hate it to work on a thousand different things, just to find out they don’t have much done at the end of the day.
I know how you feel. I was there.
If you are able to zero in on the most important tasks to build your business, very likely your approach about work is much different.
You may jump right out of the bed early in the morning, finishing your work, making sure you make progress, and move on to produce more, or switch to another thing in life that you care about.
I believe many of us want to make a difference, just that the amount of work overwhelm them to the point that they try to avoid it. Don’t fall into the trap. Know what you want, zero in on things that get result, and discipline yourself to make progress every day.